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Beyond Direct Action Cufflinks

Now available to order in the shop!

The Beyond Direct Action cufflinks is a #StorytellingFashion piece that puts special operations and special operations forces at the heart of the story. The story arc delves into the value proposition of special operations and special operations forces as more than and "Beyond Direct Action".


Only twelve sets of cufflinks have been made representing the twelve core activities of special operations: Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance, Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Civil Affairs Operations, Counterterrorism, Military Information Support Operations, Counter-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Security Force Assistance, Counterinsurgency, Hostage Rescue and Recovery, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance.


The thesis of these cufflinks is that in the context of modern conflict and the contemporary changing character of warfare with new technologies and a new range of effects and abilities to generate an impact, it is important to look at the utility of special operations beyond the singular core activity of Direct Action. 


The design of the cufflinks places this thesis front and center with a reticle inspired by USSOCOM's official reticle provider (Horus). This reticle (with rubies) is the focal point to emphasize that the value proposition of special operations forces in this contemporary world is more than precision small arms fire.

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