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Uterus Discrimination Earrings

Now available to order in the shop!

The Uterus Discrimination earrings aim to surface the conversation on the taboos, discriminations and experiences to the public realm.

With the gilded art deco uterus design and natural pearls as ovaries, this #StorytellingFashion piece creates a wearable art installation that ignites, continues and furthers more needed conversations on inadequate healthcare for women, maternity discrimination, bodily autonomy, abortion and the full spectrum of human rights that should be granted to humans who have a uterus. 

To highlight this, a poem "A Uterus is an Organ Not a Crime" has been written as part of the creation of these earrings. Each set of earrings comes with a copy of the poem!

uterus poem.jpg
uterus square.jpg

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