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The Fortune 500 Shirt

Throughout history, fashion expression has evolved alongside cultural norms. With the accessibility of social media, in an era of social activism, it is befitting to design fashion pieces that tell contemporary stories.

Empowering Workwear’s first storytelling garment intends to do just that. The Fortune 500 Shirt shows the ratio disparity of men to women on the fortune 500 CEO list. In 2020 out of 500 CEOs there are 37 women – this figure is an all-time high. The organic cotton fabric made in Italy is a monochromatic jacquard weave that shows this gender inequality discretely in plain sight.

The circle mother of bright white mother of pearl buttons illustrate the gender pay gap where the etched circle inside the button represents the .81 cents that the median woman’s earns to the white man’s $1 which is represented by the full circle of the button.

The cufflinks that come with the shirt kit are an artistic rendition of the breaking of the glass ceiling. They are numbered 1-100, to match the numbered shirts as the production is capped to only 100.
Some have described the Fortune 500 Shirt as “an art installation that you wear”.
Making a bespoke garment is best done in person with a consultation on fit preference and in person sizing and fittings, The Fortune 500 Shirt is sold as an all inclusive kit with the Fortune 500 fabric, the pay gap mother of pearl buttons, the breaking of the glass ceiling cufflinks and the Empowering Workwear label. 

Available to men and women, order your Fortune 500 Shirt kit and take it to your local tailor to make the shirt of your dreams!
#StorytellingFashion Storytelling Fashion Fortune 500 Shirt

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