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Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings

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The thesis of these earrings is that the speed of hypersonic weapons and the current challenges in defending against them, make them a strategic weapon and because of the destabilizing risks these weapons systems warrant their own deterrence strategy.

To highlight this point, the earring features a ballistic flight path and a hypersonic glide vehicle flight path. There are rhinestones where the radar detects the missile in its trajectory and the target is represented with a red rhinestone.  The rhinestones on the trajectory make a compelling visual case as to why hypersonic weapons are in a class of their own. 

Only 27 earrings will be made as Mach 27 is the fastest a country (Russia) has claimed that their hypersonic missiles can travel. 

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Hypersonic deterrence earrings sketch explanation.jpg

Metal Composition:


- The earrings are made of Rhodium plating on alloy

- The gold parts were dipped in gold based liquid and the gold is 22k gold plated.

- This earrings are nickel free

- The rhinestones are yellow, white and red cubic zirconia.

Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings - side.jpg

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