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First of it's kind, hypersonic earrings


Hypersonic Weapons Proliferation

Limited Edition

27 pairs




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Press Release

July 18, 2022

Press Release

Launch of Hypersonic Earrings Makes Political Statement in Favor of Weapons Deterrence Policy

Empowering Workwear announces the launch of Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings

Empowering Workwear - Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings.jpg

[07.18.2022] - Empowering Workwear by Lydia, an avant-garde #StorytellingFashion label, is launching its first jewelry piece, the ‘hypersonic deterrence earrings’, with the aim of raising awareness on the threat of hypersonic weapons as well as advocating for a deterrence policy. It comes at a time when experts are warning that a deadly global arms race is imminent, with countries such as the US, Russia, India and China competing for hypersonic supremacy.

Founder of the storytelling fashion label, Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos draws upon her national security background to tell the story of hypersonic weapons and make the case for why global attention is needed on this matter. The minimalist design of the handmade earrings elegantly illustrates the precarious nature of the speed of hypersonic weapons by juxtaposing a ballistic flight path with a 22k gold gilded hypersonic glide vehicle’s flight path.

The rhinestones represent where the radar detects the missiles on their flight path towards the target, which is represented with a red rhinestone. This visual representation calls attention to how little time militaries have to respond to a hypersonic missile once it is detected by a radar. The compression of time to make a decision decreases the ability for a measured response and adversely impacts international stability. Currently, there is no deterrence policy for hypersonic weapons and this latest wearable art installation from Empowering Workwear aims to make the case that it is time for a deterrence policy for this type of weapons system. Dr. Kostopoulos says the Hypersonic Deterrence earrings are “part jewelry, part art and part political advocacy for strategic stability.”

sktech - light.jpg

Hand drawn illustration of the Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings by Empowering Workwear


Cyber attacks, biological weapons, nuclear weapons and anti-satellite weapons have gained much attention; however, the proliferation of hypersonic capabilities remains a footnote. The intent of these earrings is to raise public awareness on the threats of hypersonic weapons and elevate the conversation to broader international communities. 

Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings - Explanation.jpg

Digital Render of the Hypersonic Deterrence Earring by Empowering Workwear


Only 27 pairs of this limited-edition storytelling fashion piece have been made to highlight the fastest speed any country has claimed their hypersonic missiles can travel – Mach 27. Each pair is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity of storytelling fashion art work.

This story of hypersonic missiles was brought to life with jewelry designer Shabnam Bhojwani of Adrisya and her team of craft metalsmiths who handmade the 27 pairs of earrings.


The earrings will be available on the Empowering Workwear website starting August 1st, 2022.

Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings - Lydia Kostopoulos - press.jpg

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos, founder of the storytelling fashion label Empowering Workwear,

wearing the Hypersonic Deterrence Earrings.

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos is an emerging technology advisor having worked with US Special Operations advising on emerging technologies, NATO participating in Science for Peace programs relating to cyber warfare, IEEE on artificial intelligence and the United Nations Office of Disarmament affairs where she participated in conversations on lethal autonomous weapons systems.



Instagram: @empoweringworkwear

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